What To Expect

What to expect when you engage in online therapy or coaching.

​After the initial free 15 minute telephone consultation a 90 minute SKYPE (or equivalent) assessment appointment will be arranged and from there we can continue with regular SKYPE or telephone sessions according to your preference.

As you are reading this it is possible that you might be troubled or distressed by life events – or you have simply lost interest in life and feel directionless or lacking in motivation. It is likely that you are seeking a highly specialised psychologist and discretion and high levels of confidentiality are key elements for you (i).

Whatever the reason, I am here to help and have had many years of supporting people to gain emotional stability, greater life focus and meaning. I adopt a strengths-based approach, generating solutions rather than concentrating on problems.  Taking an optimistic view of life I encourage change and new ways of construing things so that life becomes more manageable and under your control – where challenges are seen as opportunities. I offer bespoke, professional support to maximise gain from the times when things are difficult and personal resources seem low.

I use a coaching style approach which means that our combined ideas will generate solutions to work through any troubling blockages or inertia. Working on the principle of parsimony – which means less is often more I will not offer therapy which extends beyond the level that is required. We will focus on your capacity to manage your life – with you as expert in your own life – with enablement at the forefront of the work we do together.

​(i) It should always be borne in mind that levels of confidentiality have to comply with HCPC ethical and professional practice requirements see: https://www.hcpc-uk.org/registration/meeting-our-standards/guidance-on-confidentiality/